Training Schedule and Locations

The PGB New York City Branch generally trains twice per week, however at times our schedule can be fluid due to rental space availability. We do recommend that you e-mail to confirm times and locations, as they may differ from below occasionally. Please note, you are required to watch at least one class before participating in any Silat training.

Wun Fie Loa

Training in the New York City branch is overseen by Wun Fie Loa. Mr. Loa began his training over forty years ago, as a young man in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, under the founder and original grandmaster of PGB, Suhu Subur Rahardja. Selected as one of the 18 Inheritors of the White Crane Silat System by Suhu, Mr. Loa's vast knowledge is greatly respected within the PGB Community. He continues to train students of all levels in New York City, at his home in New Jersey, and at PGB events nationally and internationally.

Josh Stout

Leading latihan for more than a decade as trainer of the New York City Branch, Dr. Josh Stout has shared his outstanding skills and knowledge with students of all levels. Drawing on over 20 years of White Crane Silat experience, under the training of Wun Fie Loa, and possessing boundless energy and enthusiasm, Dr. Stout is a gifted teacher and martial artist in his own right.